The healthy future that everyone
longs for is not achieved by waiting,
it is achieved by creating that future.

Meet the future that is coming.

Create the history of Pharmaceutical

Endless challenge to develop
new medicines,

Improved new medicine based on differentiated technology,
To bio-medicine which is the next generation’s growth engine,
Chong Kun Dang’s innovative new medicine pipeline is headed towards the world.

  • 1st

    First time in the world

    World’s first biosimilar “Nesp” and “Nes-bell” received sales permission in
    Korea and export to Japan

  • 2nd

    First time in Korea

    1987 Successfully composed omeprazole, stomach ulcer medicine,
    for the first time in Korea

  • 3rd

    First time in Korea

    1948 Produced diazole tube product for the first time in Korea

We strive to achieve and deliver
happy future and healthy life to you.
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Hyo-Jong Research Center   We are announcing a fresh start as
the morning bell wakes up
the world.

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First time in Korea
New Diabetes Medicines Glitazones

Duvie Tablet


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Technology Camptothecin