AFFILIATESHere are the family companies
of Chong Kun Dang Holdings.

Outsourcing / Transportation


In line with changing perceptions of the property owners,
we established a professional company on June 27, 2006,
which is specialized in differentiating the quality of real
estate operations and comprehensively managing
customers’ property.

We have introduced an advanced management method,
which is a property management style that is different from
a mediocre, conventional building management. Besides,
we provide professional services in various areas ranging
from comprehensive building management, outsourcing
(security and guards, environmental beautification, logistics
and transportation, dispatch workers, etc.) to long-term home
care and caregiver business.

President Su-Han Lee
Foundation June 27, 2006
Business Line Outsourcing / Transportation /
Dispatch/Home Care
Paid in Capital 500 Mil.(Won)
Head Office 8, Chungjeong-ro, Seodaemun-gu,
Seoul, Korea
TEL/FAX 82-2-2634-2628 / 82-2-2634-2978