AFFILIATESHere are the family companies
of Chong Kun Dang Holdings.

Engineering / Construction

Bell E&C

Bell E&C INC. is a specialized project plant-building company
founded in 1990. This company has manufactured and
installed all sorts of manufacture and production systems for
industrial systems, industrial machines, chemical plants and
environment system.

Hwaseong factory manufactures and supplies productions for
industrial systems. The factory also manufactures and supplies
all sorts of molds for producing glass bottles. This company
has been constantly growing based on its high-quality

Bell E&C
President Hwan-Young Lee
Foundation March 15, 1990
Business Line Mold manufacture / Construction
Paid in Capital 1.9 Bil. (Won)
Head Office 230, Gajang-ro, Jeongnam-myeon,
Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
TEL/FAX 82-31-203-8291 / 82-31-204-8294