ABOUTWe solidify the foundations
for a global top-tier pharmaceutical company.


Chong Kun Dang Holdings achieves the sustainable
management through the new business
development and investment.

In November 2013, Chong Kun Dang Holdings
is newly established as a holding company
in a Chong Kun Dang group for the first steps
to be a global pharmaceutical company.

A holding company called Chong Kun Dang
Holdings is focusing new business development
and investments to maximize the corporate
value of Chong Kun Dang and other business

To be a global pharmaceutical company, it will
build a sustainable management system and
discover the growth engine for the future.

홀딩스 개요
President Young Soo Woo Paid in capital 11.2 Bil. (Won)
Foundation May 7, 1941 Tel/Fax 82-2-6373-0600 / 82-2-6373-0659
Head Office 8, Chungjeong-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea
Business Line Holding Company / Business Consulting
Homepage www.ckd-holdings.com
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