SHAREOur mission is creating
a better world and a healthier society.

Culture & Art

With the dream of making our world a better place to live, Chong Kun Dang is actively engaged in a
number of projects related to art and culture. Chong Kun Dang’s art and culture projects have evolved
around the themes of ‘future’ and ‘healing,’ offering messages of hope and refreshment to those who
are mentally or physically exhausted. Rather than focusing on one-time campaigns, we run projects on
a long-term basis to create and share values together with the society.

Our representative project, ‘Chong Kun Dang, Hope Story Opera’ tours hospitals across the country
presenting opera performances to patients and their caregivers. We also offer children’s version of
operas to children in long-term hospital care as a way of lifting their spirits. Lobby concerts are also
provided, to entertain not only the patients but all hospital visitors.

‘Chong Kun Dang Supremacy of Art’ is another program that we offer in order to support new artists
so that young and talented artists can thrive.

As a company that values the health of the people, Chong Kun Dang will spare no efforts to provide
cultural and art activities that support people’s physical and mental health