SHAREOur mission is creating
a better world and a healthier society.

Community Service

Chong Kun Dang spreads love, sharing, and a message of hope. With a strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility
(CSR), we are in the front line with companies that are making a contribution to their communities. Our directors and
employees have been actively involved in a range of social services, including the family service project, blood donation
campaign, and other sponsorship programs.

Contributions to
Local Communities by
Directors and Employees
Since 2012, each of the directors and
employees of Chong Kun Dang has participated
in at least one social service activity per year.
The Chong Kun Dang staff is engaged in
community activities in Seodaemun-gu, where
our head office is located, as well as in other
areas such as Cheon-An and Yong-In where our
main production facilities are located, spending
approximately 7,000 hours per year sharing

the spirit of love. By living with and serving our neighbors, especially the underprivileged, Chong Kun Dang will
continue to ring the bell of hope and love.

CKD Family Volunteer
Service Group
Chong Kun Dang created a volunteer service
group made up of the family members of its
direc tors and employees who take part in
voluntary service activities once per month.
The activities give group members a chance to
learn how to care for others and live with other
people in the community.
For young members in the program, it is an
opportunity to build their character and spend
their holidays or vacations making a valuable
contribution to the society.
Voluntary Service Activities
by New Recruits
For new recruits who are just starting their
careers, environment clean-up activities,
the briquette sharing program and a service
activities to help the handicapped at rehabi-
litation centers are offered as a part of their
on-the-job training program. Taking part in
this program allows them to share a spirit
of love, to learn how to live with others
in the community, and to acknowledge the
social responsibility of the company.