COMPLIANCEThe Compliance Program is
Chong Kun Dang's corporate culture.

CP Declaration

Declaration of Compliance by the CEO

Recently, Anti-Corruption action plans were adopted
at the G20 summit, as well as the new anti-
corruption law on the agenda for the UN. Through
these issues , the international community has
recognized that the compliance system has been
the basic for all the business.

As part of our efforts to grow to become a global
pharmaceutical company, in 2007 Chong Kun Dang
adopted the global standard of a voluntary fair
trade compliance program equivalent to systems
used in the US and Europe. In addition, a voluntary
compliance guide was introduced the CEO’s will for
compliance and provided a code of conduct for all
directors and employees.

At the same time, regular CP education has been offered to employees so that the company can be
socially responsible and ethical and, those who breach compliance rules will be subject to strict
Through the management policy process, we continually strive for clarity by CP monitoring,
pre-business council, proclamation compliance.
In addition, the CEO emphasized that the compliance program has been a key element of corporate
economic activity. The CEO also, enacted the day of fair trade in January 05, 2016, and offered
special CP education to all directors and employees, and had award ceremony

Ethical Management & CP notification were sent to 352 partners . Also, we offered CP training to
affiliates. We also have a plan to strengthen the education program offered to multi-national
companies by joining a CP exchange upgrade and CP training programs for multinational companies.
Compliance with fair trade rules is not optional; it is a prerequisite to achieving steady business
growth. We request CP system to recognize all of our directors and employees so that they can
immediately apply the CP system directly into practice daily. I also hope that none of our employees
compromise the reputation that we have achieved over the years as a result of near-sighted ambition.

A company can only grow more competitive through fair competition. I will make sure that everyone
abides by fair trade practices, not only by offering systematic education but also by conducting
regular CP monitoring and evaluation.
I hope that everyone practices compliance with fair trade so that we can grow to become a company
that achieves sustainable growth while fulfilling our social responsibilities.

Thank you.

January 2016

Young-Joo Kim
Chong Kun Dang