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Platform Technology

  • HDAC6
    HDACs is a class of enzymes that
    regulate deacetylation of cellular proteins.
    HDAC6 이미지

    HDAC6, a member of class IIB, is mainly localized in cytoplasm and deacetylates non-histone proteins,
    unlike other HDACs.
    In this way, HDAC6 regulates various cellular processes including cell growth, cell migration, intracellular
    transport, and even cell death.
    Moreover, HDAC6 plays a role in the clearance of ubiquitinated proteins by its ubiquitin-binding domain.

    Chong Kun Dang Research Institute have been focusing on developing HDAC6 inhibitors as drugs for various diseases related in eurology, oncology, immunology by the platform technology based on various scaffolds.

    HDAC6 설명
    Neurology Improvement of cognition and motor function through enhancing axonal transport
    Oncology Cancer death by increasing endoplasmic reticulum stress
    Cancer immunotherapy through regulation of PD-L1 expression
    Immunology Treatment of autoimmune diseases through anti-inflammation
    Liquistal® is a Chong Kun Dang’s platform
    technology to develop sustained release
    injectables by maintaining the effect of drug from
    a week to several months after a single injection.
    Liquid Crystal 이미지

    Liquistal® is a liquid formulation containing a drug for injection,
    and it is transformed to a gel when contacted with body fluids after subcutaneous injection.

    The gel formed after subcutaneous injection possesses a lattice structure like a honeycomb and
    allows the drug to be released steadily over extended period. Currently, PLGA is the only material for
    sustained release injection with FDA approval, but it has problems with the fact that manufacturing
    process is not simple and that inflammatory response and pain can occur by PLGA injection.

    Liquistal® is the technology which overcomes such shortcomings of PLGA, and it offers a simple
    manufacturing process, improved sustainability and safety. Also it can be applied to the delivery
    of various kinds of drugs including chemicals, proteins and peptides.

    The safety of Liquistal® formulations was confirmed through preclinical studies,
    and a phase I clinical trial is currently underway.