CP(Compliance Program) Overview

What is Compliance Program?

A compliance program is an internal system or process of education and supervision that is voluntarily operated by a business entity. The program is designed to establish orderly rules for competition in business, and to achieve voluntary compliance with the laws and regulations related to fair trade.
With a solid compliance program established in 2007, Chong Kun Dang has prevented the risks arising from potential violations of fair trade-related regulations, and has strictly controlled its corporate management based on compliance.

7 Steps in Compliance Program

  • 01

    CEO Announces
    will to achieve
    Compliance, and
    Principles of

  • 02

    Appoint the person
    in charge of

  • 03

    Publish and
    distribute a
    compliance guide

  • 04

    Offer compliance
    education and

  • 05

    Operate monitoring

  • 06

    Apply sanctions
    for violations

  • 07

    Build a document

  • 1. CEO announces will to achieve compliance, and principles of compliance

    The CEO should announce the company’s will to achieve compliance and the principles to observe in complying with laws and regulations on fair trade to the employees through a declaration ceremony on fair trade or an official document (e-document included).

  • 2. Appointment of manager of the compliance program

    The Board of Directors should appoint the person who will take care of the compliance program and notify all employees.

  • 3. Publish and distribute a compliance guide

    A compliance guide should generate under the responsibility of the compliance manager, and distribute to the executives and staff those who are more prone to violate the laws and regulations on fair trade

  • 4. Offer systematic and consistent compliance education and training

    Education (on-line video training sessions included) to prevent violations of the laws and regulations on fair trade should be offered to the directors and employees of those departments which are more likely to violate laws and regulations on fair trade, such as those in charge of purchases and sales. This education should be offered once every 6 months, and last for two hours or longer per session.

  • 5. Operate monitoring system (internal supervision system)

    A CP monitoring system should install, and the actual results or plans of supervising or auditing unfair trade behaviors should report to (or approved by) the board of directors or the top management at least once.

  • 6. Apply sanctions on those who violate the regulations on fair trade

    Directors and employees those who violate the laws and regulation on fair trade. regulatory sanctions should establish and apply it

  • 7. Build a document management system

    Documents on compliance should create and keep in a systematic manner.

  • *Chong Kun Dang has fulfilled the 7 steps described above, implemented and stepped-up CP criteria.