CP Organization

  • CEO
  • Compliance

Audit Team

Compliance Team

CP Committee

Each Group’s key tasks

Autonomous Compliance Manager
  • Oversees compliance across the organization
  • CP Committee Chair
Compliance Team
  • CP Management Task Force
  • Perform review on autonomous compliance condition
  • Make recommendations and request corrective actions on results from the review
  • Conduct employee training on autonomous compliance rules
CP Committee
  • Decide and opine on important matters related to CP
  • Decide and opine on unprecedented matters
  • Decide the level of disciplinary actions for CP violations each CP regulations
CP Manager for
each department
  • Manage, educate, and monitor each department’s CP
  • Create a hotline for CP Managers and CP Teams
Audit Team
  • Operate and manage CP in coordination with the CP teams
  • Monitor and inspect monitoring results
  • Investigate violations by employees