Would like to thank you
first for always loving our company.

The mission of pharmaceutical company is to make lives better through better medicine.
Since the foundation, for the past 75 years, Chong Kun Dang only has developed pharmaceutical products of good quality based on the dignity of human lives.
Chong Kun Dang has set up implementation of healthy society without diseases as the company ideology. This is the value that will never change as long as Chong Kun Dang exists as a pharmaceutical company.
In the 21st century, all sorts of fatal or serious diseases are conquered by pharmaceutical products using genetic technology and biotechnology.
The all-time human dream of long lives without diseases can come true. Based on our future-oriented management, we will constantly challenge biotechnology which is our core competence. BINT(Biotechnology, Information technology, Nanotechnology) has been recently highlighted as main industry to lead the 21st century. We believe
the pharmaceutical industry is going to be the core industry of BINT.
Chong Kun Dang has developed a new anticancer drug, Camtobel and a new antidiabetic, Duvie based on a world-class technology and manufacturing facilities.
Chong Kun Dang is also spurring the development of global new drugs in addition to targeted anticancer drugs, an antiobesity drug and a biosimilar for the treatment of anemia.
Furthermore, we, as a Korean representative pharmaceutical company, are implementing customer-driven management to fulfill our commitment and responsibility
and doing our utmost for customer satisfaction through a consumer-oriented business culture. Chong Kun Dang who has been playing a leading role in the Korean pharmaceutical industry will establish ourselves as a Korean leading pharmaceutical company and do our best to become Chong Kun Dang in the world in the 21st century.

Thank you.

Young-Joo KIM
Chong Kun Dang
종근당 대표이사 김영주 서명